Decades of Fashion: the 60s.

“Hey mama hey mama – Look around -Everybody’s groovin’ to a brand new sound” Welcome to the 60s, Hairspray At the beginning of the Sixties, the world felt that something was changing. A rush of optimism was spreading around cities and, with the election of the new president of US, John F. Kennedy, in 1961,…

Fashion Eliminates Chromosome Y.

As we learned from biology lessons, chromosome Y defines human gender. However, as we are learning from fashion today, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. The boundaries between masculinity and femininity are increasingly blurring and this seems to be more than a fast trend.

The Chocker: A Trendy Dejavu.

Strolling around the streets, it seems that a new mania has taken place among fashion victims. Misogynists might claim that girls have decided to wear a collar, at last, but choker necklaces are more than what they resemble. They are the proof that people’s tastes never change.

Chiaja: a New Luxury Brand Rising

With a few weeks of delay, Milan is finally blossoming, trees are green again and summer seems to be finally coming. The time to make a choice about the look to wear on the beach this year is approaching, and with it the birth (and fast death) of many aspiring and unstructured swimwear fashion brands….

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Years ago hearing «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» you would inevitably recollect Angelina and Brad. We still remember them, but in the nearest future the first association is much likely to change as the world gets more and more fascinated about the different Smiths. Today on Lustinfashion we address Lucky Blue and Pyper America: be ready…

Met Gala 2016: Best and Worst from the Red Carpet

The “First Monday In May” is gone. This year the Met Gala 2016 theme was “Manus X Machina”, an exploration of Fashion in the era of Technology: metallic garments, technological textures, avantgarde latex and precious reflections creating a new harmony between innovation and handicraft. I’ve selected the Best and Worst looks from the Red Carpet….

Spring Blossom

1. Skirt, Red Valentino  EUR 275 2. Tulle top, Red Valentino EUR 350 3. Shoes, Miu Miu  EUR 795 4. Glitter Bag, Furla EUR 265 Sasha Batalkina 

Leather Jacket: The History of an Icon

From Fonzie to Tyler Durden, from Maverick to Indiana Jones, the leather jacket has been a symbol of coolness and a must have for many men and women. But do you really know what hides behind this item?

Casual Friday or Casual Every Day?

Is it just me or has our generation lost its sense of style recently. I know that we are the best at making casual cool look killer and street style is usually our vibe, but seriously when did casual Friday become acceptable every day of the week?!