Your go-to guide for a career in the fashion industry: Human Resources

We have all heard about the infamous HR departments, but do we actually know their role and importance within fashion companies? 

Let’s face it: Human Resources is one of those areas of business that is often outshined by the glamorous money-making machines of finance or technology. In fact, however, it is all of those Human Resources departments that are responsible for selecting, recruiting, and developing this promising talent, as well as maintaining relationships within the firm. This is no different for the fashion industry. 

In fact, it might be even more important for Fashion and Luxury over any other industry, simply because the growth within the sector is almost fully fuelled by talent, creativity and new inspirations. In other to find and maintain the above mentioned pillars, it is crucial to manage the relationships with the firm and ensure the satisfaction of employees. 

This might be particularly difficult when you have on one hand people full of creativity contrasted with quantitative minds, who in principle cannot always find a common ground. As a result the role of the HR department and managers within it, in particular, is vital for the functioning of fashion companies in order to extract the full potential of such cooperation in the light of such competitive and money-rich business. By ensuring a positive and prolific atmosphere, a given manager encourages loyalty within the company that is particularly important for building strong and long-lasting customer relationships that are key to success in fashion.

A particularly interesting area of the work in Human Resources for fashion companies in the retail department is mystery shopping. It comprises of looking for talent and inspiration inside of other retail companies by selecting individuals that provide exceptional service and are truly devoted. 

A similar job is looking for talent on university campuses and social media. These are just a number of many proofs of the fact that this area of specialisation is not a boring one, as usually portrayed in contrast with other positions. 

Moreover, not mistakenly when looking at research on the most sough-after qualities of the future in the job market, soft skills and creativity are high up the list. These are the desired qualities that enable the HR to be a building block, especially in an ever more fast-paced and technologically advanced environment. 

However, fashion brands and houses are nowhere to be found at the top of Human Resources effectiveness rankings for different companies. This is proof that there exists a potential for growth and improvement within the area, making it one of the most important careers in fashion in the future. 

By Zuzanna Kalwat


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