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Fashion out of all luxury sectors seems to be the most underestimated business by the general public. Both in terms of its complexity, as well as the importance of the processes occurring in the businesses for the market.

The origins of this assumption are plenty. However, one and most probable one, is the fact that the world of fashion has seen a rapid evolution. A change that transformed it from a world of necessary addition and symbol of social status to a multibillion dollar business. This transformation that has been steadily occurring over the last hundred years, has also carried with itself the evolution of the job market and the positions available in it.

Fashion, even in the most elevated sense cannot be longer simplified to the relationship between a designer with a vision, their supplier, and a sales outlet. The vision for the product we see, rarely follows this path. We live in the world of trends, fast fashion and sponsored influence. In order to succeed, one has to have more than a talent. It is only when combined with business acumen and a competitive character that success can be seen on the horizon, especially when it comes to big brands. A designer needs to know what will sell. This combination has to be accompanied by exogenous qualities and skills the reinvention of which is constantly happening. Not only are careers in fashion growing in terms of capacity, but also in terms of variety.

The careers in fashion, therefore, are much more varied and constantly emerging. On the creative side apart from creators, now day we cannot image the business without influencers, stylists, or editors. Behind that stand editorial teams and writers, who impact the way we perceive fashion and the offered product. On the business side we see managers, buyers, the entertainment business, but also big finance companies, lawyers, as well as politics.

Yes, fashion is politicised. It has been an issue of politics for centuries, the simplest example of which is the symbolical abandonment of the corset, or the roaring 20’s. It is a mirror of society and its desires. It is a discipline subject to both legal discussions as well as to the mechanisms ruling the world of finance. The stocks of fashion companies are traded and shares sold to the general public. It is not anymore a world of craftsmen selling on local basis. Fashion is a fast-paced and influential world with a potential worth of understanding.

5ebcf241844766eef976b6dc5e4cbcbaImage by Polly Nor

In this series we plan to further explore the careers available in fashion. Apart from law, we will look into the world of fashion buying, business editorial, management of fashion and luxury companies, as well as the interconnection between the world of finance and fashion.


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