I. Follow the rules
II. Break the conventions
III. Capture the unexpected
IV. Reinvent the rules

This is the way the iconic Roman house of Bvlgari (re)invents the relationship between fashion and design through its Bvlgarirules installation at the 2018 Fuorisalone.
Bvlgari’s ambition is to be a protagonist of the Milanese design week, (re)exploring the brand’s connection to design within the jewellery sphere.
With the creation of three visual and sensorial spaces the viewer (re)discovers historic pieces of the brand such as the Serpenti or the in a unique aristocratic pop.403B5E24-8D82-4090-9105-75D1F9772BFB

From Bottega Veneta to Loewe to Louis Vuitton, this year’s Milan Design Week saw a great effort from fashion houses to showcase what they do best: cutting edge design, luxurious materials and fantastic storytelling.
Aiming to break the limits and set new rules in the simplicity/complexity of design, fashion brands challenge their creative, conceptual and curatorial powers with virtuoso installations, exhibitions and product launches.

The result?

A world reaching hype creation.
A celebration of the product and its peripheries.
An ode to the brand culture.

Each house has created its own scenario within the major event of Design Week, filling up Instagram stories and appealing to millennials more than ever.



Bottega Veneta Home. Courtesy of Vogue Australia

For Louis Vuitton, Design week rhymes with a travel diary. The Objects Nomades collection is an assemblage of some of the most impressive names in design which created portable, nomad, furniture pieces while evoking the idea of voyage and exoticism. Of course, all objects include the signature Louis Vuitton leather, bringing the viewer (and potential) consumer closer to the brand’s quality, design and culture.
Once again, such exhibitions create a more than subtle proximity to the brand, enchanting different kinds of customers and hopefully attracting them to the store. It engraves in the visitor’s and the Instagram viewer’s mind what Louis Vuitton stands for and how it explores creativity.



Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades. Courtesy of Vogue Australia


Following the boundless inventiveness of design and capturing the unexpected by breaking the rules, fashion brands have indeed succeeded in reinventing the link of fashion and design while adapting it to their communicative needs and branding strategies.

It seems like Bulgari’s 4-step motto has been tested and approved.

Daphne Doukidis





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