A glance of Christmas campaigns

Christmas is coming once again. Gifts from family are always a undeniably huge part of this holiday. As usual, fashion brands are fighting hard to earn a spot in this competition trying to win the heart of customers. Let’s see some impressive fashion campaigns that have been launched this year.

  1. H&M


This year H&M shot a fairytale film called “A Magical Holiday”, speaking about a little girl who tracks down “the evil brother of Santa Claus to save the Christmas season from his selfishness.”

Minaj stars as the mother of the young girl before turning into a fairy named ‘the Wisest Thingy’.

Jesse Williams and John Turturro also star in the short film which is directed by Johan Renck.

The campaign film looks very attractive and intriguing especially for kids. But more over that, H&M launches its Christmas collection with cozy knits, sparkling accessories and pretty dresses. My only concern is whether or not audience will be grabbed too much attention to the plot of the film instead of the detail of the clothes worn in it.


  1. Mulberry


Luxury brand Mulberry also offers the customers some gift suggestions. By presenting the film” My True Love Gave to Me”, Mulberry takes on the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, a song transformed by London-base indie band “The Big Moon” with an energetic rearrangement. At the same time, Mulberry shows the limited-edition Winter Bloom Capsule Collection with exclusive new signature styles, colors and leathers.



  1. Swarovski



This year Swarovski intends to shine over other Christmas campaigns by the numbers of celebrities involved in the film. In the film, Party host Karlie Kloss welcomes the Swarovski crew to her Crystal Wonderland in a celebration of diversity for the holiday season. Starring guests Naomi Campbell,Maggie Jiang, Chiara Ferragni, Jourdan Dunn, Fei Fei Sun, Ruby Rose, Maye Musk, Boy George, Andres Velencoso, Bryanboy, Daya, Anthony Mackie, Nolan Funk, Eric Rutherford and Nathan Owens.



  1. Pandora


What is worth to be noticed, is the controversial advertisement that Danish jeweler put in the metro station in Milan. The text says ‘An iron, pyjamas, an apron, a Pandora bracelet. What do you think would make her happy?’. It seems to put women as a stereotype of housewife when 60 years ago women stayed home doing all the housework. Pandora has been accused of sexism over that. After public complains about this advertisement slogan, the brand’s Italian subsidiary came out to explain: “Pandora has always cared about women and this year we want them to find the perfect gift under the tree. How many of us receive presents we don’t want? This initiative was borne out of research which showed that most women get the wrong gift at Christmas.” But as the condemnation became more widespread, the company later stressed its point in another statement: “Our aim was to give a nod to the stereotypes we’re all familiar with in an ironic and playful way, with the intention to make you smile and absolutely not to cause offense.” In the end, as said Martin Kjærsgaard Nielsen, Pandora’s global head of media relations, “As a consequence, we have swiftly removed the advertisement. We do apologise for any potential misunderstandings that the advertisement might have caused.” Public’s awareness and concern will be driven by this kind of controversial advertisements. Pandora’s case is not the first, and will definitely be the last. From the company side, how to maintain the brand’s image in a good way to through appropriate communication can impact directly on the value. But how much impact it will be, negative or positive, when it comes to this debate, will still remain for their own business.












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