Everything starts with a dream. In strategic management it is called mission, the purpose or aspiration of a company, the objective it wants to pursue. For reaching this goal, a strategy must be formulated, combining analysis and decision making. Then it has to be implemented, by executing the choices made. Now, consider your dream. You have your project, your mission to achieve, and you think you have already formulated a good strategy. Thus, you just need to implement it. But how?

Just keeping dreaming, because if your dream is good enough, it will bring you in the place Arbiter and Land Rover have reserved for you in the world. In fact, from the collaboration between the man’s lifestyle magazine and the car brand, it is born Land for Dreamers, a project that yearly gives to the under 30 visionaries a chance to turn their dreams into reality. An award of 5,000 euros will be given to the best project in each of the 3 following categories: entrepreneurship, art and design, and university and culture. The winners will be chosen among the projects by an exceptional jury made up by diverse realised dreamers.


 Daniele MaverDaniele Maver, President and CEO at Jaguar Land Rover since 2007, after a past in Ford Italia, where he started his career, in Nissan Italia, where he dealt with diverse start-ups, among which the one of the National Sales Company, and then in Ford. He is “proudly focused on gambling on dreamers, that is on the young talents intended to become the future leaders of our society, guided by an interior fire feed by intuition, creativity and great dreaming ability. As it is on board of a Range Rover, in a dream a timeless space is entered, where history is not the past, is experience, the constant evolution. Also a dreamer has to undertake an extraordinary journey during which obstacles, challenges and drawbacks help, and are vital, to build her own identity, integrity and awareness of being fighting for a better future”.


Lidia Dainelli

Lidia Dainelli, PR director at Jaguar Land Rover Italia. According to her, “what we have to pass down to the new generations of leaders is to believe in a huge entrepreneurial dream, having an immense, deep passion in what we do, living with a broad and long-term vision.”



Franz BotréFranz Botré, editor in chief and director of Arbiter magazine, founder of the editorial house Swan Group, of which Arbiter is a production. “I can affirm, on my own skin, that the change is possible and it starts from the individual, from the single human being willing to pay whatever price and investing all his life, exposing himself every day in order to realize his dream.” he says. “I believe in a change, in a new generation of honest and ethic humans provided with sense of duty and embodying the hero myth, as Prometheus. Nowadays we have to look for humans bringing that same spark in our civilization. I am convinced that that fire stolen from the gods and given to humans is still burning in the heart of many young people that want to improve themselves, searching for new horizons, enlightening ones.”


 Maurizio DallocchioMaurizio Dallocchio, Full Professor of Corporate Finance at Bocconi University and Department of Finance Liaison Officer at SDA Bocconi School of Management, of which he is also Past Dean. By means of his job, consisting in shaping the minds of the today’s future entrepreneurs, he turns them from naïve daydreamers to aware businessmen. According to him, “Motivation has always been of primary importance in order to push the young generations. They are moved primarily by their heart, before than their rationality and convenience evaluation. In order to communicate with them, it is necessary to fascinate, convince and motivate them”.


Brunello CucinelliBrunello Cucinelli, enlighten entrepreneur, founder of the homonymous clothing brand that for him embodies the dream of his life: “Working for the moral and economic dignity of the human being”. In fact, during a conference about CSR hosted by Bocconi Students for Fashion last year, he affirmed: “We need to recover dignity, to give a fair remuneration that matches humanity requirements. At the beginning of my career the dream was to be able to grant higher wages to my employees, and let them work in a welcoming environment.”, that is exactly what he does in his company nowadays. What he suggests is to “follow your path, try to follow your dreams, because it is in this way that we will become really special again”.


Francesca Del NeroFrancesca Del Nero, founder and dean of the School for Dreamers. Since 2015, she has established and is celebrating the Dreamers Day, an event manifesting the “power of the dream”. Before realizing her project, aiming at the human being renovation for building a new economic and social reality, she has worked in the business world for 30 years as a successful financial manager, becoming familiar with the dynamics and challenges of the business world.


Giampiero BodinoGiampiero Bodino, artistic director of the Richemont Group, is one of the greatest jewellery designers of our time. In a dream place in Milan, Villa Mozart, he shapes unique dreams, by means of a process similar to the one of the antique shops, where there was a direct and interactive relationship between who designed and who produced the product. In fact, according to him “Dialogue fosters the creative process”.


Giuseppe FrangiGiuseppe Frangi, journalist and director of Vita, an Italian non-profit magazine. His special dream is to “Pass down my passion to others, in particular to the youngest ones”, which is something he has already done by the Giovanni Testori Association, aiming at enhancing the writer work by means of initiatives and publications.


Francesca Moretti

Francesca Moretti, CEO at Terra Moretti, developed a passion for the family business since she was a child. With effort, hard work and determination she leads her family business, taking up all the challenges and facing all the obstacles to make hers and her family dream successful every day.



This is the jury that will determine if, among all the projects, your vision is the one that deserves their investment the most. Maybe you will be the one, or maybe not. However, what really matters is that you are trying to realize your aspiration, that you are believing in what you want to pursue. In his book What should I do with my life?, the American journalist Po Bronson suggest that “the vast majority of us aren’t just putting our dreams on ice – we’re killing them”. Our society has to put an end to this contemporary trend to seek money and a good job position first, locking dreams on ice with the purpose of unfreeze them in a better future. We should rely more on what the Roman historian, politician and senator Sallust wrote in the second of his Epistulae ad Caesarem senem de re pubblica: “Faber est suae quisque fortunae”, everyone is the maker of his own fate. Be the maker of your fate, give yourself the chance to become the maker of your dream.

Laura Gaudioso


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