The ROMAntic class of Laura Biagiotti F/W 2017-2018.

A business woman in her forties, walking in Piazza di Spagna in her leisure, surrounded by sunset colours, ancient buildings and chic boutiques. She is proud and imperious, with her hair tied back from her face, wearing a pair of sunglasses and stunning cozy, but stylish garments.



This is the image inspired by the new Laura Biagiotti’s collection, which can be defined as classic, chic, cozy, romantic but strong at the same time. A collection made up of various elements, textures, lengths, colours, but with a vena of cohesion linking all the pieces.



In the space of the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato of Milan, the runway held on the 26th February was walked under the eyes of many popular Italian characters, such as Natasha Stefanenko, Romina Power, Nancy Brilli, Jo Squillo, and Carla Fracci, to whom Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti presented flowers at the end of the show. And we were in the balcony, watching the all this as it was a true play.

The catwalk started with the presentation of a long coat in the ivory, grey, and white tones, recalling marble, under which a turtleneck jumper covered in rhinestones sparkled, and heeled boots. It was representative of many of the elements featuring in this collection, as tones shadows and materials juxtaposition, turtleneck sweaters and gowns, long lengths pieces and heeled boots.

Additional characteristics of this collection were colour contrasts, such as the one between purple and red, or purple, brown and yellow, elegant transparencies, long and wide smocks and coats, volants, different materials and textures. Main accessories: high belts, heeled boots and sunglasses. Main colours: white, ivory, grey, beige, brown, purple, green, gold, orange and red, shadows coherent with the winter and autumn seasons. 

To sum up, a colourful, soft, elegant, sweet, shining collection, both powerful and romantic, going public in a place combining the classicism of a theatre with the modernity of its architecture, made of bricks and metallic orange balustrade. That’s Laura Biagiotti timeless class, appropriate to a modern Roman matron.

by Laura Gaudioso


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