Winter wonderland at Moncler Gamme Bleu show

Once you entered into the Moncler showroom, you could not but be amazed by the venue: a mountain landscape with trees covered in snow. A deem blue light added that touch of mystery and wonder that reigns in the wood.

As the show began, snow started falling down from the roof as a party of men dressed in a jump suit entirely covered with hooks and ropes, outlined the catwalk.


On the notes of a touching music, the models slowly walked across the snow showing the new Gamme Bleu collection: the main features worn by everyone were a cap and a pair of rounded, mirror goggles, a huge backpack that matches the fabric of clothes together with ropes that covered the outfits and tightened the legs.

Vogue Runway

Moreover, as reported by the brand itself, all the textiles are technically designed to face the cold weather and to help when performing sport activities.


Although the show aimed to recall the atmosphere of the “misty mountains”, the collection clearly targets a very fashionable and at the same time audacious type of man, who wants to stand out even in the coldest situation.


The prevailing colors of the new collection are red and blue, with splashes of grey, white and black while the most common pattern is stripes. Besides down jackets (Moncler’s masterpiece) the brand has showed a wide range of trousers, long and short, jumpers and informal jackets. Overall every piece reflects Thom Browne’s classic style. The high quality of the fabrics used and the mastery of this designer could be best admired at the show finale, as models stood on the venue for a while, inviting the present guests to approach and have a close up of the collection.



Overall, the whole Moncler Fashion show can be described as a piece of art that created a synergy between clothes displayed and the environment… a unique event that left everyone breathless. People’s feelings were swinging between amusement and nostalgia: although being surrounded by snow, hearts had melted and filled with warm emotions.

Moncler fully succeeded in leaving a trace in our minds creating an interactive catwalk that will be hardly forgotten and let me affirm that it has surely found the most sensational way to promote its latest collection.

by Bianca Cattadori


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