Marcelo Burlon: Crowded County of Milan

At the 2017 Fall Fashion Show of Marcelo Burlon County of Milan we took our places in front of the runway and there, in the County, in the crowd and were stunned by the strength of the collection.


The runway was held at The Mall, a multi-functional space in Porta Nuova. For the occasion they had placed a rhombus-shaped catwalk, surrounded by  walls that switched from red to white, inside the hall while an orchestra played wonderful classic music. It was in this unusual atmosphere, full of contrasts between modern and classic, that this powerful, aggressive and stylish collection was shown.

Black, red, white and hunter green. Jackets, parkas, sweaters, large trousers and leather ones, large long skirts, knee-length and mini tight ones, high socks, ankle boots, boots and backpacks.


A coming-together of fabrics and styles, based on the idea of “contamination”, a peculiar characteristic of the Patagonian designer who was able to conquer the whole Fashion World by thinking locally and acting globally.



Less graphical than usual, made of plain textures and more versatile clothes.  Let’s say, a more mature style but still innovative, cool, modern and wholly rounded.img_8778

This is what is worn by those who don’t want to pass unseen. This is what is worn by those who want to exude a metropolitan personality. This is urban chic.

By Vogue Runway

by Laura Gaudioso


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