Diesel Black Gold: Modern Ninjas for Fall’17

New year, new fashion week. This Saturday morning (January 14th) some of the BS4F members had an early start of the day at the industrial complex MegaWatt, where Diesel Black Gold was showing its new Fall’17 collection by the creative director Andreas Melbostad.


The venue selected for the show stimulated a reminiscence of the action movie scenes where a gunplay is going on at a factory warehouse. Unconsciously, it was hard not to expect seeing some kind of a reinterpretation of a modern berserk, and the expectations proved true. Melbostad’s warrior is more precisely a ninja, stylish, edgy and ready to attack.

The ninja’s wardrobe does not allow for the colors able to put a question mark on his masculinity: the color palette is dominated by black, shades of dark blue and grey. He adjusts to the present day and wears leather jackets, hoodies, oversize coats and sweatshirts, but his origin is well in sight, imbedded in the necklines, wrapovers, belts and the overall silhouette.

 Source: Vogue.com

The tendency of the industry to change the game rules, considering the traditional schedule of the shows, found its place at the Diesel Black Gold show as well: along with the menswear collection, the brand presented the 9 looks of its capsule womenswear collection to be delivered at the same time as the men’s. Although the ninja girl is clearly equally ready to stand for herself, her look can contain traces of femininity, with brighter colors and even patterns, which are totally excluded from the closet of her male mate.

Source: Vogue.com

Considering all the elements, the show was done well, and can serve as an example of thought-out consistency: the sense created by staying inside MegaWatt totally suited the garments of the new collection, and the rhythmic music contributed to the state of alertness and readiness to take action, supposedly inherent to the ninja of the urban jungle.

The collection also seems like a success, and potentially a commercial success: all the outfits are totally wearable and will most probably receive the likes of the target audience, which undoubtedly has a thing for leather jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as for the oversize fit. The attraction is inevitable indeed, given the combination of beloved styles and a fresh look, added by the interweaving of Japanese motifs.

Ksyusha Task

Ph.: Marie Motti, Vogue.com


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