Tiffany & Co. dedicates its Iconic Heart to Italy.

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co.’s masterpieces dictate and celebrate the greatest love stories of the world with a wealthy tradition to be discovered, full of legendary jewels and important moments.


The founder Charles Lewis Tiffany had a constant passion for diamonds. Through the years, the company has shown the world diamonds of a spectacular brilliance and a selection of precious stones never seen before. Its Japanese-style silvers gave Tiffany its maximum recognitions at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1878, with Louis Comfort Tiffany as one of the biggest figure of Art Nouveau.


Although Tiffany is famous for the magic and theatricality of its sparkling shop windows, there is another value which characterised the brands’ avant-garde as well: Social Responsibility. As a leader in the luxury world, Tiffany & Co. has the opportunity to bring a cultural change and to estabilish standards of excellence not only in high jewelry and craftsmanship, but also in defining what being a member of a community means. They developed a model of vertical integration that guarantees the strength of their conservation chain, the direct supervision of manufactures and the possibility to improve global conditions. They wants to understand the social, economic and environmental impact of mines and production processes, in order to generate a positive result on the whole supply chain, from mine to customer.

Today Tiffany & Co. reveals its love for Italy, dedicating a special limited edition collection to the most beautiful cities: every charme “shields” in its heart Milano, Firenze, Roma, Verona and Venezia.

The new jewels are available in every Italian boutique. Is it too early to think about a Christmas gift?


Elisa Grasso




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