Victoria Beckham and Daughter Harper Design Charity Shirt

instagram_victoriabeckham__2__hoch_v320x480Since 2014, Victoria Beckham has been an ambassador for the UNAIDS Foundation, which is committed to the global fight against immunodeficiency. This year the fashion designer designed the third shirt for a charity organisation in Africa. The income from the sale is donated to the Born Free Africa Foundation, which is committed prevent the transmission of the virus from mothers to their children. On a trip to Kenya, Victoria Beckham, together with her son Brooklyn, recently had a personal picture of the work of the organisation when she visited the headquarters of UNAIDS and Born Free Africa in the East African country. “It is a great honor and a role that I take very seriously,” the designer said about her role as an ambassador for UNAIDS.

Born free Africa’s work is “a global plan not only to prevent mother” transmission to children, but also to educate teenage girls and boys about HIV.” Victoria Beckham presented her t-shirt design for the good cause on her Instagram account on Thursday. On the white shirt is a female figure to be seen – a children’s drawing of her 5-year-old daughter Harper Beckham, who helped her with the design. The figure carries as a sign of solidarity a red AIDS loop on the chest, next to her a red heart floats. For the first time, however, Victoria Beckham is not only designing a t-shirt for adults this year but has also designed a matching children’s t-shirt. The mini-version shows the same motif, but this time on red dotted ground.

Charlotte Bree



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