5 Fashion Apps to Make Your Life Better


We all know those Monday promises that we sometimes keep (and with 99% likelihood don’t). Start jogging in the morning, give up smoking, party less and study more, eat healthier: how many times each of us wanted to begin a new life on Monday! If you agree that today is a perfect day to start living better, we came up with a top-5 rating of apps that help fighting certain bad habits. Essentially, all fashion-related.

One of the main opportunities facing fashion today is digitalization. As we go digital, the industry follows, and the result is transparent in Instagram feeds, e-commerce pages, e-mails we receive daily, and so on and so forth. With all those tools used simultaneously and intensely it is hard not to notice how communication and promotion are revolutionized, and sometimes it seems that the only aim of the digital is to make us buy more and more. However, some of the mobile apps are not that bad; having browsed through loads of them, we present those that will make your life simpler and better.

Forget the pain of searching for perfect shoes: Stylect


If you love shoes and Tinder interface seems nice, welcome to the Shoe Tinder! Stylect allows you to set up the filters such as style and price and then, just like the dating app, one by one shows the shoes. The only thing you have to do is press a red cross or a green heart, simple as that. The application uses machine learning algorithms, so each of the decisions has influence on your personalized suggestions and leaves out only relevant items. If high-end brands and top prices scare you, don’t worry: Stylect has Adidas, Zara and Topshop aside Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, so your wishlist can carry shoes of totally different price points (all ready to be purchased directly from the app). Good news: if the item that has your heart is hurtful to your purse, simply leave it on the list and wait for a discount notification!

Buy wisely: Lyst


Tired of spending too much on clothes and shoes you can’t resist? Here’s the solution: Lyst focuses on optimizing your spending and it seems to know everything about seasonal sales, extra discounts and varying prices. If you are looking for an immediate good deal, browse the Sales. If you are ready to wait to get “that perfect dress” or whatever else, save it and buy cheaper with a sales notification. Not sure which item is the perfect one? Lyst also offers editorial selections and each category has “trending” suggestions for all the purchases to be on point.

Improve your fashion vocabulary: FAD


Whenever you come across an unknown brand, style, material or any other fashion-related term, this app will help you out, giving a concise definition. Fashion-addicted friends discussing something in what seems like an unknown language or a puzzling description on your favorite e-commerce website: no matter what the circumstances are, FAD can be much handy.

Stop wasting time looking for things seen on bloggers: LikeToKnow.It


Instagram is becoming a huge driver of our purchasing behavior. If you are among those following bloggers and influencers, you most probably have troubles finding the items they wear, even though some of them are tagged. LikeToKnow, an extension for our favorite photo-sharing app, sends you emails with shoppable links for all the items composing a look you liked. If this sounds cool to you, simply log in on the webpage and like an appealing outfit. The stumbling block is that the fantastic function works only with posts tagged with “www.liketk.it/…”, so quickly stealing your classmate’s latest look won’t work.

Only weather-appropriate OOTD: Swackett


Wearing a t-shirt when weather calls for a jumper; putting on a coat when it’s +25; leaving the umbrella at home when the chance of raining is 99%. If all those situations sound too familiar, you need Swackett. The application tracks the weather and shows you the cartoonish people – peeps – dressed appropriately for the current situation. If the sun is too active, the peep won’t forget about suncream, and if it rains he will surely hold an umbrella. This is just one of the app’s features: it also shows common allergies likelihood and rates the activities based on weather appropriateness. A definite must-have!

Use technology wisely, make your life better.


Starting a new life (this time for sure),

Ksyusha Task


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