The Importance Of Being Social

Just a few years after the Second World War, the director of Harper’s Bazaar America telegraphed “The New Look is born!” during a Christian Dior défilé.

Today, Fashion travels all over the world in just one second, allowing people to be in the front row of every fashion show while in the comfort of their home. Thanks to Social Networks there are no more secrets about what happens during castings, catwalks or backstage: is this new type of communication positive or is it just something that is diminishing the value and exclusiveness of fashion?

Diane Von Furstenberg proposed to divide the show in two parts: the first one dedicated to authorized personnel, where taking pics and using telephones is absolutely not allowed, and the second one for bloggers and influencers who can share everything they see on their social media accounts. This is based on a marketing strategy, so as to keep alive the alluring surprise effect that is vanishing today. At the Dolce e Gabbana SS16 fashion show, models stopped in the middle of the catwalk to take some live selfies. Was it just a provocation or a way to show what we look like nowadays?


The investments dedicated to controlling social media platforms grow at the same time  as customer awareness is growing. The audience has a decisive role in brand communication: the highest involvement of users can be found on Instagram, with 18% more followers than Facebook. In fact, the digital communication costs incurred by fashion brands in 2015 point out an increase in favour of the most famous photo-video sharing platform, and the budget destined to social network has higher priority than any other channel.  Loads of maisons strongly believe in the power of social networks, stimulating engagement actions and intensifying brands’ reputation and fame.


The most assiduous likes and comments are noticed on the accounts of the most famous Maisons: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce e Gabbana, Prada, Gucci and Ralph Lauren – the last two have raised their number of followers of 100%.

Worldwide followers read every single update, waiting for the latest trends and sneak-peaks from their favorite fashion brands. The constant monitoring of social networks by customers gives value to their purpose: the correspondence between the fashion system and the business needs of customers.

So brands can’t neglect a single social media channel either as this would represent a lost opportunity: the vitality of media is at its maximum level.

by Elisa Grasso


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