From London, With Love!

I was lucky enough to pass the week in London! As it’s my first time in the city, I have to say I’m really enjoying myself. As an American girl living in a fashion capital, Milan, my eyes of course went immediately to the fashion of the locals.

Anoushka Probyn

From afar I’ve always said that the London fashion was a bit daring for me personally. The animal prints, the oversized jewels, the colors and oh so many textures… I could never pull it off. Now that I am up-close, I’m able to reanalyze and recognize that there is a really elegant spirit underneath the loud exterior.


I noted that Britain seems to be the best of both worlds between North America and Europe in terms of culture and I’d definitely say this extends to street style as well. The casual and sporty chic of the States is balanced with the subdued class of continental Europe.


A London based, Milanese friend of mine told me, “In Milan, fashion is one thing and all the well-dressed people look the same. Meanwhile in London you see so many different styles and fashions. Well dressed has so many meanings!” I have to say I agree with her and I’m having a great time soaking it all in!

Tia Taylor


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