Summertime Sadness

Get ready for sunrises and dawns of the beaches, salty blue waters of the seas, warm breeze on the shores and the-best-ever open-terrace parties: summer is coming! Still, it feels a bit sore: the next three months are long-awaited vacation for all the association members, and this article is my last Saturday issue this academic year, closing Lustinfashion for the holidays.


Here at BS4F we are slightly sad to part, but proud of what we accomplished this year. The association welcomed some new members (and it’s hard to find words expressing how lucky I was to be one of them), established new connections, found new inspirations, achieved new goals and set up a lot more. For you we organized a lot of events: remember Diane Von Furstenberg, Diego Della Valle, managers of Valentino, Giambattista Valli, MiuMiu, workshops with Steve Trow, Luciano Cimmino and Fabio Attanasio? We also never forgot to keep you aware of the events of Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week, new issues and trends in the world of fashion, and much more.

What’s next? We believe that there’s always place for improvement, and certainly next year a lot will improve, but let me leave room for surprises.

We love you, we think about you, and we do this all for you.


Ksyusha Task & Lustinfashion team & BS4F team family


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