Simple Tips To Get In Shape For This Summer


We all know Summer is almost here, we all know we should help our body to get better and I know loads of you are students so you don’t have so much time to work out.

That’s why I had a little conversation with Valérie, a cool Fitness Girl who can really open your eyes on what to do to get in shape and feel reborn.


Q: So Valérie, how was your passion for fitness born? 

A: I’ve always been a sporty girl. I went swimming for 6 years, then I did Zumba, Step, Fitbox, all group courses! Last year I developed a passion for the world of Bodybuilding, and this discipline changed my life completely! It was a way to vent in a not so happy moment of my life, it was the only way to escape from reality.

Q: I absolutely agree with you, Fitness can really change your concept of life! What do you think is the best way to start training? Even if the hardest part is to keep doing it, honestly!

A: You have to find the perfect sport for you! There are so many things you can do and every workout has its features: there are individual sports, group sports, from the relaxing ones to the dynamic and sensual ones! Once you find the perfect sport you have to live it as an act of well-being: in my opinion a good sport has to become part of our daily routine as something essential, such as eating, sleeping, etc!

Q: What do you suggest to get in shape for this Summer? 

A: I suggest to start training now! These are good days to do move with cardio or muscular workouts. Nutrition is obviously fundamental! Changing your habits and having a healthy and balanced lifestyle give the 80% of results.

Q: How much workout time a day do you suggest to those who study?

A: I think they can find 30 minutes for a run or a walk, it would be perfect for a start.

Q: And about nutrition? Do you have any secrets to tell us?

A: The secret is to introduce less calories than those you burn during the day! This is the beginning to lose weight and get in shape! A good breakfast is important to activate your metabolism, poor of sugar and full of fibers and proteins! Even the snacks are fundamental to keep your metabolism active, and they should be balanced to not have high glycemic levels! Another important moment is dinner, because it can do the difference: we often eat too much, forgetting that our body is inactive in the night, so a light dinner would be the top!

 Q: Foods to avoid?

A: It’s all about balance! You need to vary. The advice I want to give is in the way you mix and cook food: fried food needs to be really limited, and salt and dressings too! Paying attention to this can do the difference! Same for ready-made food: it’s full of salt and its nutritional values are unbalanced!  You have to start from raw materials to create tasty and healthy recipes, it’s funny!
Q: Do you want to suggest any app for training?
A: There are loads of apps! I suggest an app that helped me with nutrition: MyFitnessPal. It lets you insert what you eat during the day to keep calories under control.
Q: All in all, can you give an encouragement to who is reading?
A: Do it for yourself! It’s never too late to give a change to your life!
Sooo guys, be strong and don’t give up, hard work pays off!
If you need other informations or you want other specific advices to be given by Valérie, follow her on Instagram and her official Youtube channel: she can inspire you with loads of healthy recipes and workouts!
Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation!
Elisa Grasso

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