Rihanna X Manolo-Denim Desserts

Rihanna and famed designer Manolo Blahnik have teamed up to create their first collaboration together, it’s named Denim Desserts and it’s a super exclusive footwear line featuring six limited edition styles sold only at three store locations in London, New York and Hong Kong.


A limited number of 400 pairs were stocked within each of the London, New York and Hong Kong stores, plus the web site is taking special orders that will be delivered with a sketch signed by Riri.

Inspired by the singer’s amazing hand tattoos, each unique shoe is fashioned with denim and sequins.


Riri admitted her favorite piece is the 9 to 5 boot; we are talking about those incredible tigh-high belted boots She sent to J.LO last month saying that “ she wears them better”, and J.LO indeed did it in her new music video Ain’t Your Mama.


Last year -when the collaboration started- Blahnik said of Rihanna, “She is the only person I love with a tattoo. I was sitting at a table with her and was so impressed. She looks like Grace Kelly. She’s just so beautiful, so polite.” 

Ilaria Corbari


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