Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Years ago hearing «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» you would inevitably recollect Angelina and Brad. We still remember them, but in the nearest future the first association is much likely to change as the world gets more and more fascinated about the different Smiths. Today on Lustinfashion we address Lucky Blue and Pyper America: be ready for something you didn’t know before.


One of the most-followed male models, today Lucky Blue Smith has approximately 2.2 million of instagram followers (and yes I’m one of them). His sister Pyper America has much less, but on the joint shoots (including an amazing Moncler campaign, Calvin Klein and the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China) they look just equally perfect. However, this perfection seems to be the only thing we know about them and now it is going to change.


Lucky Blue and Pyper America Smith by Annie Leibovitz, Moncler F/W 2015-16

With Claire Danes’ Zac Posen dress and the B A L M A I N A R M Y you might have missed it, but this Met Gala was the brother and sister’s debut on an event of that scope, and they definitely nailed it in one-of-a-kind exclusively designed H&M outfits. Attending the Met Ball in H&M, though exclusive, is so unconventional and so them: Lucky confessed he’d barely heard of it before, Pyper was planning on daring him do some “dumb stuff”, both were happy to be there together so that they always have someone to talk to and feel comfortable with.

Surprisingly, though fame found them in an early age, the Smiths are humble and really humane. Constantly followed by a crowd of teenage fans, Lucky always finds time to tell each a couple of words and take a selfie. To him, spending 30 minutes a day to make girls happy is definitely worth it; Pyper seems to be open as well.


Lucky Blue and Pyper America Smith at the Met Ball’16

Though most of us know just these two, in fact the modeling family consists of four siblings: two other Lucky’s sisters are Starlie Cheyenne and Daisy Clementine. The latter was actually the first Smith kid to be selected at the Next LA agency; the remaining three were signed simultaneously when accompanying her to the agency meeting two years after.


From left to right: Daisy Clementine, Starlie Cheyenne, Pyper America; and Lucky Blue. Vanity Fair

The Smith siblings are certainly known for modeling, but that is not the only thing they do. A less known fact is that the four of them also form a music group called The Atomics, playing surf-rock. Starlie plays the rhythm guitar and is a lead vocalist, Daisy is lead guitar, Pyper – bass and backup vocals and Lucky plays the drums. Being a truly harmonious band, they take their music seriously and are promising to release an EP soon

Choosing between modeling and music, none of them is ready to compromise: only both. And that comes as no surprise, as both are in the genes: the father of the family is a musician, the mother – a former model.


The Atomics

The Atomics – Too late (it really is cool)

Carrying on with the family topic, the Smiths seem to have really close ties. Interviews clearly show that all the family members are always standing by each other, the siblings being close, sharing interests and following their parents’ path in many ways. Those include not only modeling and music, but as well religion: the whole family is openly Mormon.


The Smith siblings and their parents Dallon and Sheridan

Dallon and Sheridan Smith are a big influence to their children, and also endless support. The whole family moved from Utah to a two-bedroom apartment in California when the four children signed the Next contracts; “It hasn’t been easy, but if one of us succeeds, we all succeed” Sheridan said to the BoF. Judging by how things currently go, it is certainly going to be more than one; I personally would be glad if so.

Ksyusha Task




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