Lions Vibes


Back to classes we are all losing that spring vibe that was teasing our minds about picnics at the park and days spent resting in the sun and walking by the sea. As our good feelings are fading, we mustn’t let this take over control of our mood and stay focused on the target: summer!


This (hopefully) future soccer team manager, attending his first year in Bocconi (CLEAM), is surely aiming to pass up nothing of his spare time out of university commitments in these sunny days.
We met Mario right outside computer rooms, he is a simple and altruistic guy, who uses fashion as a way to express himself and show to the world a little bit of his amazing personality. His outfit is composed by an easy pair of black Nike shoes, Squad^2 trousers, Imperial t-shirt and a leather Zara jacket (a must have of his wardrobe) matched with a Happiness backpack, making his style fresh, in step with the times yet smooth.


After moving to Milan from Lecce, he soon found his favourite spots of this huge city: Piazza Gae Aulenti and Piazza Duomo, but also discos and pubs as Old Fashion and Globe (in Piazza V Giornate). Mario is sporty, in fact he practiced swimming for many years and now is dedicated to beach tennis at a competitive level. He’s really outgoing and loves how all the people he met in Bocconi are such welcoming and nice. This summer he hopes to be able to enjoy a trip in Greece or in Spain, at any rate staying by the sea. We wish him to fulfill his dream one day and maybe move again, this time to Australia.

Luca Andriani


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