Casual Friday or Casual Every Day?

Is it just me or has our generation lost its sense of style recently. I know that we are the best at making casual cool look killer and street style is usually our vibe, but seriously when did casual Friday become acceptable every day of the week?!


Coming from someone who works in the fashion industry now, I can say that this is not a problem I see on a regular basis since I’ve moved to Milan. However, it is a slippery slope before your Friday jeans and causal top lands on a Wednesday when we’re all (yes admit it) too lazy to think up a better outfit. Anyone who works in an office or a business setting should look clean and well-dressed when going to work every day.  I am the first one to praise the inventors of casual Friday because it just makes the day so much easier- I take any excuse to throw on my comfiest jeans and rock them at the office, but I noticed in the past that some people take this change to wear a sweater and jeans (or worse Hockey jerseys in Canada) to work every day.

This made me think about how I felt when I first entered the working world…now I am not most cases because I love (like really love) any excuse to dress up and create great outfits. I know it can feel confusing at first because you don’t know the culture in the office or how everyone else dresses, so you get a free pass for a few weeks and then you’ve got to up your style game. Now I am not perfect nor am I some work-clothing genius, I just follow a few easy steps in order to stay stylish, chic and comfortable at work each day!

My number one tip is planning! It seems like a silly and simple thing, but it really makes the difference and makes going to work each morning (with the help of fantastic Italian espresso) much less stressful!

In order to properly plan, I always look at the forecast for the week ahead. I usually do this all Sunday afternoon while I’m at home, or if I have brunch plans with the ladies then Sunday night while my boyfriend is watching soccer anyways…typical Italians. Anyways, I plan for a week of outfits (5 work days and one backup outfit) with ONE casual outfit for Friday.


I used to keep a section of my closet blocked off for my weekly outfits, but I strongly recommend if you have the space, to invest in a rolling clothing rack from Ikea $17 in Canada and €15 in Italy, where you can keep your outfits for each week.

Ok so that was the easy part – now you have to actually decide what to put on those 6 hangers… If you don’t enjoy mixing and matching outfits and creating “looks” for yourself you have many options available to you to help make the process easier and enjoyable.

  • Fly me to your city and I’ll do it for you 😉 ! (seriously I love doing this THAT much)
  • Use Pinterest as a tool to save work outfits that you like from other people and let them inspire you when you plan for the week ahead
  • Follow and subscribe to your favourite bloggers’ Instagram feeds and Blogs because they will each surely have a “what to wear to the office” section and work inspired clothing options
  • Read magazines for inspiration (I personally love People StyleWatch)
  • Take photos of mannequins wearing outfits you like when you’re out shopping – I mean what else are you going to use all those 64gs for on your iPhone?
  • Invest in classic go-to pieces for easy mixing and matching like skinny fit black pants, white blouse, print pants, ballerina flats, nude and black pumps (no kitten heel optional-you rock those heels!) & a great fitting blazer.
  • Follow our blog for daily style inspiration and trend updates…we’ve got you covered!

Finally just remember this when you get ready in the morning (it’s the best piece of advice my Nonna ever gave me): Don’t dress for the job that you have, dress for the job that you want to have. On that note Nonna also said that I should dress to impress because otherwise I’ll never find a man looking like a mess in public…so I guess you can pick your own personal motivation for looking good in the office, but pleaaase remember, causal clothes belong on Friday!


Amanda Vojvodin


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