Where Is Your Park?


Oh yes, Queen B. did it again.


Whilst the world was craving for a new single, she surprised everyone by releasing her first athleisure line.
Few days ago our Beloved Bey – got it? – released exclusive footage and pics of her new collection and it honestly looks pretty amazing.
This is the result of a long and productive collaboration with Sir Philip Green, the one and only Topshop creator and it will be sold globally in over fifty countries starting from April 14.


She named her line Ivy Park, which obviously pays homage to her daughter – Blue Ivy –  but also to her favorite park in Houston, her hometown.


The line features bodysuits, leggings and headbands and it’s 100% Beyoncè style.
She recently admitted  she spends most of her time wearing workout clothes like the rest of the world and she felt like she couldn’t find the perfect line of athleisure clothing , so she simply created one.


Bey decided to promote her new project on Elle and the magazine obviously honored her with a fantastic cover photo, which has already been released.
You can easily discover more about this by following Bey on Instagram where she already uploaded preview photos of the collection and be patient: is just around the corner.

Ilaria Corbari


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