Lions Vibes 

Since we are always looking for the last style pill from all of you Bocconi students out there, it’s time for freshmen to take the stage and bring a breath of coolness in these warm days.

This week we’re pleased to present you Clara, first year CLEAM student, caught running out of the Bunker during the lunchtime break.
Her contemporary, simple yet really creative style it’s well shown in this outfit: a camel-colored cape, palazzo denim pants and ankle boots, all combined with a felt Borsalino hat and Pomellato jewels.

She likes to observe the matches of others, to study new combinations and even to try rooky trends, always without falling into the trap of easy elegance. Her favourite items are hats, scarves and jewels: <<I love rings, earrings and accessories in general. I’m sure they can valorize even the simplest low-cost outfit.>>, she said.
Since she’s not fond of nightclubs, restaurant or pubs, you could likely find her loosing herself through the halls of Museo del ‘900, or the streets of Brera, where she walks alone in a mood of melancholic happiness everytime she comes back to Milan from her hometown, Bari (Puglia).
This resourceful and sociable young lady is really proud of her choice with Bocconi University: << What I liked the most is the attention to socialization among students that the University has promoted since the early welcome days and, of course, the initiative of Bocconi associations to propose new activities related to the business in various fields.>>. Now that she is in Milan she can appreciate more and more fashion as an art able to link creativity, technical skills and management, willing to safeguard the sartorial heritage of our nation that can not and must not be lost.

Luca Andriani


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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful!! the cape and hat are so cool 😀 love how timeless the bag is too ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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