Fitness in Fashion

As the warm weather draws closer (well it snowed the other day here in Canada so maybe I still have to wait a while…) we all start to think about the famous bikini that we will have to dig out of our drawers soon. When I hear the word bikini I get all nervous because I know that I am SO not ready to look at myself in the mirror in one. Don’t get me wrong – I love my body and would totally hit up a beautiful beach in southern Puglia tomorrow if I had the chance, I just know that I could feel so much better if I worked out a bit more and was more toned.


In recent years (I am sure it has to do with the ever growing popularity of the oh so chic cropped top) the fitness clothing industry has boomed! You don’t have to go to the gym looking like a slob in gross sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt anymore, the gym has become a catwalk all of it’s own thanks to today’s fitness apparel possibilities.

Of course there are the classic brands like: Nike, Addidas and Puma who are totally revolutionizing their products and making them relevant to our needs today, but I want to focus on new players in this fashion game.

If you read my article from a few weeks ago you learned about my love (and total Canadian pride) for the powerhouse that is Lululemon. I’m just waiting for the day they enter the Italian market so that I can get all my yoga and workout needs close to home.

In Italy a new player in the game is Oysho, who just recently grew from fantastic (and super affordable…YES) lingerie and swimwear store to gym and active wear. Mango is another clothing company who has seen the benefits is diversifying their product line and adding a fitness section.

What I find most exciting and the totally new brands which focus uniquely on fashionable fitness. My favourite is Fabletics by Kate Hudson. I mean if I can look as good wearing her fitness clothes as she does, I think that’s inspiration enough to work out! She says herself that this brand was co-founded by her to give women an option of active wear that is focused on a great fit, function and (of course) style!


Another celebrity that has made big waves in active-wear is mega fashion brand Jessica Simpson. She offered active-wear for the everyday woman : which includes all shapes and sizes. Her down to earth style, feel and prices are what make her pieces fly off shelves in the USA!


So I’m sorry to break it to you ladies – no matter how you spin it we really don’t have any excuses to not hit the gym or a yoga/zumba/barre class and not look fabulous while breaking a sweat!

Amanda Vojvodin


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