Fashion + Technology = A Whole New World!


A few months ago I attended a super interesting conference called Decoded Fashion in Milan with a few other members from BS4F (check out the link to refresh your memory…so much has happened since!). The entire conference was focused on fashion in the digital and technological age. I previously shared my love for the new (already available in some Milan stores) Smart Mirrors aka basically a fashionistas bff. However just yesterday I learned that fashion and technology have merged again to create something that is even more important and useful than the Smart Mirrors (sorry all you Instagram selfie lovers out there)…the Smart Luggage!

YES! Finally a luggage that brings the beauty of fashion with the digital age, integrating a scale, USB charging port and (yes it’s true) a GPS tracker all built into the luggage! If you think it is too good to be true you’re not alone, I was skeptical at first, but considering it’s one of the first of its kinds it is not failing miserably on the fashion element. This Raden Luggage comes in a variety of sleep colours all with plastic hard casing for durable travel and is available in both carry on or checked size – admit it you can’t get everything you need to travel down to only one luggage…!


This is exciting news for everyone who, like me, spends most of the year travelling and trying to maximize my iPhone battery potential for that perfect Instagram at the airport with my Starbucks. No, but seriously, this is a huge step forward for fashion businesses who want to finally integrate the luxury of beautiful luggage with the important elements of today’s technology which can help take away so much stress that inevitably comes with traveling.

Although I have never tried out the luggage for myself, I take this opportunity to publicly share with the very smart and super fashionable people at Raden that I would be happy to test out their luggage during my long journey back across the Atlantic to be home with you all again in Milan. Also – between now and then I’ll be traveling to Toronto, Ottawa and Detroit so I guess you could say I’m the ideal sample customer, no? 😉


Amanda Vodjodin


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