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Easter is one of our favourite festivities: we are allowed to eat chocolate without any restriction and we’re also stockpiling sweet supplies for the months to come. Bocconi University doesn’t agree that much with our love for Easter since we usually approach this holiday studying for the imminent midterms. Anyway, at least on Sunday, we’ll be relieved from work and we’ll be able to enjoy a hyper-caloric meal with our families.

This week we bumped in Sofia, just outside Leoni building. She looked flawless in her Ralph Lauren’s gray outfit (properly from head to toes) matched with a YSL bag. Sofia is a CLMG student from Brescia, shining in her 22’s and dreaming about becoming a judge in criminal law in New York City, a big city full of life. As a determined and outgoing woman her favourite part of Milan, apart from her dear Finger’s sushi restaurant, couldn’t be anything but via Vittorio Emanuele, where she looks for her “must have”: mini dresses and boots. << I’m in love with all the shiny windows, the tourists and the vibes! I love to escape there for an afternoon of shopping. It’s the best therapy to make me feel happy and alive!>>. Her style is unconventional, chic and relaxed, << I am a huge fan of the high-low, I like to combine fast fashion clothes with quality pieces and accessories>>. Fashion to her is << a form of communication. Through what you wear you can express who you are and how you feel without any words. Fashion is the way through which I prefer to express who I am.>>

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On these holidays, as most of us, she’ll be having a trip to the library to study, working hard now to enjoy the fruits of her labour in summer, when she’ll be tanning in Greece and hanging out with some friends in Forte dei Marmi, keeping valid the possibility to take off for an unexpected last minute journey.

Luca Andriani 


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