The Fashion Industry in the Great White North.

Ciao fellow fashionistas! As many of you might already know, I am Canadian and so proud to represent my country abroad and in Italy. There are so many great things our country has, however when you think of Canada you don’t link it to fashion, why?

toronto fashion clipart

Well, on my flight back to Canada last week I had a ton of delays aka loads of time to finally catch up on some great reads and I came across this great article in The Financial Post called “Why Fashion Brand Success Stories are so Few and Far Between in Canada”. That’s when it really hit me, yes nobody in Italy would ever think that Canada can be linked to Fashion! So I thought that this would be a great chance to share with you all some hidden Canadian gems and some companies that you already know (and probably shop at) that you had no idea were Canadian!

First I think I should just clear something up – one of the main reasons why Italy and Canada are so different when it comes to its fashion success stories, as Denise Deveau explains as well in her article, is the fact that there is so history of a fashion industry in Canada like the strong one in Italy. This brings the business sector along with it because there is no history of a strong fashion business sector that can be linked to economic value in Canada so it’s a new process for us. While in Italy (and especially in Milan) the industry is booming again and regaining value and support by the Italian government, Canada is just getting its foot forward in its initials steps within the industry. Sadly, over the past few years some Canadian companies (that I loved) have been forced to close because of low sales, something that I found happening to Danier Leather when I landed last week. I hope that getting the word out about the rest of these great Canadian companies will help them gain an international audience and spare them the same fate.



Just last week we wrapped up Toronto Fashion Week and through social media I was able to learn so much about some great new up and coming designers as well as see the new stuff being put out by classic Canadian name brands. I think that their collections would be able to gain further traction within an international market given the chance. Nowadays with social media and online shopping you can have the world at your fingers, so what is stopping you from shopping in Canada online and supporting a new designer? Well for one thing it’s education: like I said earlier I am sure so many of you have no idea that some of these bands exist (and I mean I can’t blame you because you would have never seen them in Europe)! So, I am here to help spread the knowledge and the love to help you learn why you should also love Canada just as much as me! Also…how cool will it be to say to your friends when they ask you where you got that super cool, unique piece, “Oh you know just this great Canadian designer…!”


Hope you LOVE my country as much as I do!

Canadian Brands you should TOTALLY google tonight:

Mackage – If you want to come to Canada and be stylish you need one of their amaaaazing coats

Joe Fresh – If you follow Karlie Kloss (Umm of course) then you’ll know she’s the face of the SS16 campaign

Lululemon – YES this amazing yoga, workout, all around zen store is from Vancouver. Also if you don’t already own their Wunder Under leggings check them out because they will change your life!

Club Monaco – Our Canadian* version of Max &Co. but with more affordable pieces *Technically the brand was purchased by Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999 making it part of the American company, but it was founded and created originally in Toronto.

The Hudson’s Bay Company – A Canadian department store, founded in 1670, known across Canada for it’s iconic multi colour stripes.

Pink Tartan – An upperscale boutique style store, created by wife of the founder of Joe Fresh and Club Monaco.

Aritzia – Where you can find that perfect going-out outfit as well as the dress to meet the mother-in-law

Simons – The “for everyone and every budget” style department store, mainly in Québec

Roots – The place to go for great Canadian leather pieces like luggage, boots and the comfiest sweatpants EVER!

Aldo – Did you know that this international shoe company was founded in Montreal ?!?

Amanda Vojvodin



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