Hottest Shoe Trends For Spring.

Winter is officially over, Spring has finally arrived which means we all need to start thinking about our new wardrobe.
If you have been wondering what are the new trends in terms of shoes for the upcoming Spring, then what you’re about to read is going to be super helpful.
Whether you’d go for a high-heeled or a grounded, you’ll find your perfect pair.
Here’s is the top 5 shoe trends of Spring 2016.


1- Lace-up heels


Definitely the most popular this spring.
These cute pointy shoes are absolutely perfect for day and night, pastel ones are my favorite.

2- Platforms


I personally love these, honestly I’m so happy they’re one of this season trends.
Bold and comfortable at the same time, you can easily find them decorated with stripes or ribbons, I’m sure you will pick the one that suits you most.



They seem to be appearing for a second year in a row, I’m not a fan honestly but I loved the suede version of Mansur Gavriel.

4- Silver


This is the big common denominator of this season. We see a lot of silver appearing everywhere, from the clothing to the accessories and the shoes.

5- Fringed-up


Huge trend in 2015, they continue to have a dominant position this year.
Bright colors and glitters only.
I personally love these ones by Marissa Webb.

Ilaria Corbari


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