The Difference Between Style And Fashion.

“Fashion fades style is eternal”

Yves Saint Laurent


Every season we are spectators of the newest creations from our beloved stylists. We know new radical trends, colors and shapes. We see models, literally rocking the runway wearing the latest must have, that we’ll probably never have. We stare at this wearable and enchanting creativity, that comes and goes away on the catwalk in few seconds.
This is fashion.


Fashion comes and goes, it is pure beauty and creativity, but it isn’t something we can handle in our everyday life. It lives on the runways, in stores, in the mind of stylists. We mere mortals, on the other hand, live walking on streets, not on catwalks.

But there’s something more to us that can give to our everyday life beauty and class: our style. Having a proper personal style is not something to be taken for granted, it is one of the few things that makes us unique.


The boundary that turns a fashionable piece into something stylish is the person that is wearing it.

As we focus on a person we can approach her interior dimension and we can try to link what she is wearing to how she feels. Matching the sense of who she is with the impression she wants to give.
Most of the time, when I’m looking at the newest collections, I’m sitting here imaging how cool I’d be if only I could afford every single item shown and I dare every reader to say they never did it. Well, we are all wrong. We are wrong because not all those amazing items are thought for us, none of them actually. What really transforms the art of the stylist in a cool dress is us.
It’s about you, about your own style, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it, how much you love yourself wearing it. It really is something concrete and personal, the opposite of fashion that is something ethereal and exterior.


Anyway this article isn’t meant to be boycott fashion! Fashion still is a wonderful and magic art, a world that enchants us and makes us dream, a job sector that runs on its own hundreds of billions of dollars and most of all it is the sustenance for our inspiration and style. So there wouldn’t be any style if fashion wasn’t part of our lives, but beware of giving too much importance to it, take care of your identity, dress to honor yourself and keep in touch with your inner guru.

Article and photos: Luca Andriani


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