Missoni AW16: Knitwear Reinvented.

Sunday night, 18:50. Non-stop rain. Destination: the Missoni AW 16 women’s fashion show in Lambrate, set to start at 19:00. I rushed to get in a taxi from Duomo to arrive on time. As the actual time a show starts is usually at least half an hour past the invitation time, I assumed I would be fine. My taxi driver assured me it was just a 20 minute drive, so I decided to relax and sit back. Wondering about the upcoming show and what I could expect, I suddenly noticed it was already 19:10. Looking outside the car window, I didn’t see any sign of the Lambrate area. Instead, we were stuck in a traffic jam. The driver turned and asked me if there was a fashionshow going on nearby. “Yes” I responded, “Missoni!”. In excitement, he started suggesting other ways of getting there, because with this traffic, we would never get there. After a race through a maze of small streets, I was dropped close to the venue. Time? 19:18. I should make it! I literally ran to the entrance and together with another member of the BS4F Team, I entered. Even though getting there was stressful, it gave me some insight as to how important editors must experience fashion week, literally rushing like this from show to show. The adrenaline certainly kicked in! Almost show time.


The venue was typical for Lambrate. A huge space with a massive futuristic light installation at the centre. Missoni usually gives me more of a boho vibe, so my curiosity grew instantly. What did Angela Missoni come up with this time? The show note promised us a ‘Lean, Long and Leggy’ Winter 2016. As the first model walked the runway, we immediately understood.


Missoni has a strong heritage when it comes to knitwear, especially with the signature zigzag pattern. Therefore, the focus on knitwear didn’t come as a surprise. The way in which it was done however, was unexpected. First of all, Angela Missoni clearly used the occasion to say “arrivederci” to some rules in fashion. Don’t mix patterns and prints? No, mix them! We saw gorgeous combinations of pants and tops which, even in different patterns, resulted in beautiful looks. Don’t wear legging as pants? In the world of Missoni, where they’re made in a beautiful patterned lurex, you can. Just don’t forget to wear them with a printed blanket, to use as a cape/scarf/whatever.


This brings us to the next point: fashion is not comfortable. Again, Angela Missoni proves us wrong, as all the looks she showed on Sunday were so incredibly inviting to wear! Every single piece seemed effortless and extremely comfortable. You actually want to wear these clothes. 24/7, preferably. So also at night, you mean? Isn’t that boring, knitwear? Again, you were wrong. The final looks underlined a kind of sexy Missoni we haven’t seen in a while. Definitely sexy, but not trying too hard. Dark metallic knits in lurex were simply the perfect end to this amazing show.


It seems as if Missoni successfully reinvented itself with this collection, offering different prints and combining them in a completely new way. So for us students, some take aways to remember for next season? The key to combing different patterns and prints you ask? Try to stay with similar colour schemes, black and white for beginners. Also, bare legs make knits look sexy, just as dark hues and lurex materials do. If you’re afraid you’ll get cold, socks are allowed. Finally, if all else fails, an oversized beanie is your new best friend. See what I mean? That’s cool right there.


Thanks for having us Missoni, we loved it!

Savannah Hasselo


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