“Oshadi” = the Essence of Nature


I meet Matteo Capetti at 18.30 in Corso Como. We both come from a long and stressful day at work. As two interns trying to find a balance between work and social life we agree to have a drink at a bar nearby and chat about his capsule show – displaying from the 4th to the 6th of March at Tapis Rouge, Paris.

xWe order some fancy alcohol and I apologies because I’m starving and I basically devour the chips that come with our cocktails. I explain him how a mutual friend talked me into meeting him and assured me that this story is worth listening to and writing about, and so here I am, ready to learn about this fashion project.


I rely on Matteo immediately: a business-oriented student and then intern, that has a deep and passionate interest for fashion. His story and the story of “Oshadi” begins with an Erasmus, more specifically a 6 month exchange program to India.  Matteo explains to me how he met his associates: Nishanth Chopra and Richard Malone designer of the collection, and how he fell in love with the idea of a modern-looking brand with a strong link with Indian craft techniques.

Schermata 2016-02-28 alle 16.33.33

“Oshadi” means Essence of Nature in ancient Sanskrit and this concept is valorized in the collection thanks to the usage of natural tinctures and traditional craftsmanship. Oshadi mixes contemporary shapes and tastes with ancient knowledge, creating a collection that takes all the fascination of India in the wardrobe of a modern street-styler.


With “Oshadi” contemporary womenswear meets sustainability and respect for traditions. The collection gets inspiration from antique workwear with military accents without scarifying an eclectic and visionary touch. Oversize denim pieces and throw-on dresses with simple and clean shapes are the key items of this upcoming collection that perfectly reflects the taste of our generation.


I must admit that the deep fascination I felt instantly for this project is also related to the energy of an idea so solid and yet so vibrant pursued by two young adults that believe in their dream and their vision.


“Oshadi” embodies all this and more. Find out more here:

Schermata 2016-02-28 alle 16.54.55.png

by Lisa Cantore

with the collaboration of Pierandrea Miglietta 


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