24 Hours Of Milan Fashion Week.

Ciao, fashionistas! Every single day of MFW the crew of BS4F attends fashion shows and presentations, and we usually just write about them independently. However, today it will be different! Reading this article, you’ll be able to spend the whole day at the Milan Fashion Week, as I’m telling you all about how we spent this Saturday at the presentations. We will make a whole fashion trip: start at Kiton, continue to Duvetica, AlbertoGuardiani, and LeSilla, and finish at the Tods re-see.

If you think that Fashion Week events are mostly about evening posh shows and receptions, you are a little mistaken. Saturday started early: at 10 AM my association friend Enzo was already waiting for me to enter the beautiful Palazzo Kiton for the first presentation.


Kiton traditionally has wonderful luxurious atmosphere, and this time wasn’t an exception. However, it was different from what we saw at the menswear presentation in January: while that time the garments were stressed, and basically nothing distracted the attention from them, this time the presentation was much more sensual and emotional. It was as if we came to have brunch to a rich oriental house: some models, like guests of an indoor reception, gathered around the amazing Kiton bar, others were comfortably seated at a dinner table or coffee tables. All the decorations brought specially for the occasion were absolutely worth it: Saturday was so gloomy and rainy, but in the rooms of Palazzo Kiton splendour left room for coziness and a very warm feeling.



The F/W 2016-17 collection is very feminine, elegant, but this tenderness allows bright accents. Very sensual, but for sure with an “intellectual” touch, and influence from the East. We loved it!



With its enchanting atmosphere, Palazzo Kiton was really hard to leave. However, we knew we were up to a packed day and lots of things to do, so we rushed to Via Senato to see Duvettica.


Both of us had no clue about the brand, but we were instantly offered a good “fam tour”. Duvettica mostly offers outerwear: a basic model in diverse colors (above), and also a variety of coats and waistcoats made in different materials and styles, in a more tranquil color palette. The brand also produces cashmere jumpers. We liked the practicality of the items: they seem comfy, and we also got reassured they are a nice pick for low temperatures.

Having got acquainted with a new brand, we headed for Alberto Guardiani. Spoiler: we totally agreed that this one was on top of Saturday’s events (and it’s not the good cocktails biasing my opinion!)


I can just leave this one photo for the Alberto Guardiani presentation, and you would get it why I think it was the best, but believe me, this event deserves precise coverage. The first small rooms were pretty standard, but the one with a model wearing one of the brand’s new boots and some flat shoes exposed also had a black curtain hiding the “surprise” room. The room seriously could be called “The wonders of MFW”: two rows of incredibly handsome male models in suit&tie (isn’t it the best?) holding the illuminated trays with the beautiful shoes, and right in front of the amazed visitor screens with disco videos and music clips and a disco ball!


I loved the collection and I would definitely personally wear most of the models, for instance, the ones on the photo above.

Apart from the collection of good shoes that could easily complete and enhance everyday looks, there were two extraordinary models exposed independently and surely deserving attention: the lipstick heels and the butterfly heels.



Impressed and satisfied, we had to go back to the rainy streets. Le Silla was waiting for us.



The brand exposed its new collection of shoes, quite posh, mostly velvet, with a lot of gems and glitter. Le Silla captured some the recurring trends of the season: velvet (the Royal Velvet collection, and not only it), punk (the Gossip series), and, predictably, tribal (Naive). A separate room was dedicated to the new capsule collection with Swarovski, inspired by the American intellectual Irma Brandeis, which consists of three models (one of them on the picture above).

It was pleasing that we were offered a small tour to better understand what we saw, and received gift packages with the press kit and even small souvenirs.


The last point for us was Tod’s. As it was a re-see, not the exact presentation, there were no surprises in terms of interesting approaches in showing the collection. However, the collection itself had a lot of garments that we appreciated, for example, I loved the fur items, especially the fur bags. There were a lot of small add-ons to bags and shoes, allowing for customization – a trend getting popular in the fashion industry, which I am personally fond of.

We strolled among the shelves and mannequins, had some wine and met Carla and Amanda. In the perfect company of our BS4F family and with lots of emotions and impressions from the presentations, we felt relaxed and absolutely satisfied with the day.


Ksyusha Task

Ph.: Ksyusha Task&Yancong Wang


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