Lightness at Etro Fashion Show.

Lightness and loveliness: these are the two charateristics that were showcased last friday at the Etro Fashion Show.

A very inspiring 2016 FW Collection in which soft shades of brown, beige, maroon and dark green are combined in such a wonderful way. They recall the true autumn atmosphere, with an extra touch of softness that emits a gentle and easygoing feeling. I found it to be so romantic but also dynamic, with an energy that sweeps all the pieces of the collection.

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Models on the catwalk wore floral dresses, long skirts, warm over coats all matched with parkas and biker jackets in a very disruptive combination: “classic and casual” is Etro’s mantra this year.


Precious accessories, a little bit underground and alternative, enhance all of this: clutches in lamé at the hand of the models are the alternative to the classic handbags in leather with some floral decorations.


Moreover, there is no clear difference between day and night outfits: the idea is that you can mix and match in your own personal way any skirt, shirt, jacket and so on, giving you the end result of always looking beautiful no matter what the choice! With such amazing pieces you really can’t go wrong!

Schermata 2016-02-28 alle 13.11.13

Everything in the Palazzo del Ghiaccio was Etro-style, even the moquette on the floor, the seats, and even the bottles of water, calling back the typical pattern in order to involve you in their magnificent world… (and I admit we were definitely pleased to be involved in it)!

Ludovica Casilli

Ph: Martina Vergara


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