Music Meets Fashion At Trussardi.

On Monday (18.01) Trussardi presented its Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Menswear Collection in Pinacoteca di Brera. #bs4f members were on the guestlist, and what we saw is definitely worth sharing!



Gaia Trussardi says she was inspired by the musicians, the icons of pop and rock music of 60s-70s. She mostly focused on the British such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Paul Weller and Jimmy Page, so the collection received its British touch.

Trussardi’s new garments are the classical style of 60s-70s headliners reinvented with modern Italian appeal in leather, velvet, wool and shearling, something that Paul and Jimmy would certainly wear if they were in their 20s now. The truly elegant, bohemian and vintage look got transposed to the 21st century and received its resent-day interpretation without losing the core.


The presentation surely made it to convey the message and the roots of the collection: the models this time were the musicians playing all kinds of instruments and singing the hits from the decades which inspired Gaia Trussardi.


As follows, the very heart of the event, as well as the collection, was «music meets fashion». Still, the presentation actually was much more: an eclectic happening, where all kinds of art intertwined and borders between centuries melted.

Music was not the only thing mixed with fashion that evening. As the guests strolled from the entrance to the first exhibiting room through a gallery, they were met by women dancing, or more precisely making artificial moves with their stares blank; that was something between modern ballet and performance. Classical Italian art made its contribution to the atmosphere as well through the artworks exhibited permanently in Pinacoteca di Brera.

Time did not exist: 15th-17th century paintings surrounded the collection inspired by 19th century, while the red light added a bit from clubs and bars of the new millenium.

To sum it up: warm, bohemian and artsy vibes.


Ksyusha Task

Photos: Yancong Wang




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