Stella Jean And Her Cultural Hybridism.


Colors and shapes as the various latitude degrees, a mixture of different traditions, cultures and physiognomies as an only one look: that’s what we saw yesterday at the presentation of Stella Jean’s Fall Winter 2016-2017 Menswear Collection.

Models are métis men, they’re the ambassadors of the beauty of an always changing contamination. There’s not a pure identity but loads of shades made by a social evolution and a kaleidoscopic interaction.

They look like new contemporary refined gentlemen, they wear printed-cotton ponchos, a colored trench, classic blousons, pea coat jackets, regular and high waisted trousers, single-breasted jackets, jacquard tee with “ndebele” drawings.

Stella Jean travels from Italy to Africa and Haiti to blend the Italian sartorial refinement with the strong and natural African handicraft. She enhances customs, territories and assets with excellent fabrics, proving that fashion is a way to express a social, economic and ethnic emancipation.





Elisa Grasso




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