Etro’s Search For Poets

Not long ago Etro came up with an outstanding new initiative. The project is named “The circle of poets” and it aims at attracting young enthusiasts focused on creative spheres.


Everything is done via the website. Anyone can submit any creative work; all the works will be looked at and evaluated within the company, the best of the best authors will get the chance to develop special projects in collaboration with the brand.

Etro creates a platform where creativity flourishes, where freedom of thought nurtures fresh ideas, where young people, if they have something to say, are given the floor. The initiative lets the new talents express themselves, unify with others, share their creations and get achievements rewarded.

Currently there are 11 poets – young people of different occupations, but all close to culture and art. While before the talents were only famous on a limited scale, today Etro’s official website features their photographs (taken by one of them, Nicolò Gialain) and they can be considered the brand’s ambassadors.

Today for luxury brands fashion is no more enough to reach the versed customer, so they expand the realm, often involving art. However, it seems like for Etro the new project is not just a marketing move. Etro is first of all the family standing behind the brand, and it is a well-known fact that all the family members admire art and even collect some pieces like paintings, books, tribal objects. The passion of the family is reflected in the business they run: the designs are often inspired by art, especially Eastern, the craftsmanship quality allows the garments to count as art, the offices in via Spartaco next to workplaces have a library, a paintings gallery and a collection of clothing including Rudolf Nureyev’s 18th century costumes bought at Christie’s.

The connection to poetry is as well not coincidental: the brand symbol is the Pegassus, the winged stallion from the Greek mythology. The horse is associated with poetry as, according to the myths, wherever its hoofs touched ground, the inspiring spring burst and inspirited poets.

Creating a digital web of young talents, supporting them and giving way for ideas to flow, the company evidently wants to remind the public of the essence of art underlying the philosophy of the brand. Arts and culture really run through everything connected with Etro: from Gimmo Etro to every single garment, catalogue, advertisement, so “The circle of the poets” is something that just feels very essential. Still, it is worth praise and respect.

More on “The circle of the poets” and how to apply can be found here.

by Ksyusha Task


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