Prada Reveals CSR Strategy.

These days you don’t have to explain what the abbreviation «CSR» stands for: the business world recognizes the need for companies to take care of communities out of industrial scope. Today at Fondazione Prada Prada Group made a statement of being «responsible».

zshlwxtwlcexfwwx_l           Stefano Cantino, Carlo Mazzi, Angela Vittese during Prada Group CSR project launch, Fondazione Prada. Source:

To reveal its serious intentions on the topic of corporate responsibility, Prada Group organized the event, which took the format of a curated presentation followed by a short Q&A session. The speakers were Carlo Mazzi, Prada spa Chairman of the Board of Directors; Stefano Cantino, Prada Group Director of Marketing, Communication and Commercial Development; Massimo Vian, Luxottica Chief Executive Officer for Product and Operations; Guido Canali, Architect; Astrid Welter, Fondazione Prada Head of Programs; Angela Vettese, curator.

The topics discussed were mostly outside the Group’s business: the speakers delivered information on their span of control, namely the CSR strategy of Luxottica, the architecture of Prada Group’s headquaters and factories, and the projects in the sphere of art and culture, now concentrated in Fondazione Prada.

Massimo Vian presented the corporate responsibility of Luxottica, eyewear producer for Prada Group. Essentially, the first point concerned the emissions-reducing new technologies implemented in the company’s factories, the basement of more environmentally-friendly production. Apart from that, it was further highlighted that the company puts high value on its human resources, introducing various initiatives and programs, has its own voluntary organization OneSight, which provides free-of-charge eyetest and glasses, supports clinics in least developed countries and sponsors restoration of cultural heritage.

onesight_nicaragua_2013-54Luxottica OneSight, Nicaragua clinic. Source:

The architectural features of Prada Group’s headquaters and factories were presented by Guido Canali. Surprisingly, taking into account the theme of the event, the focus was more on architecture itself, then on any efforts to reduce the impact on the environment. Still, the strategy was clear: the industrial space is turned into gardens, crashing the perception of the factory as a «closed box». The endless amounts of greenery do not only aim at producing oxygen or creating a «green image»: combined with the use of light and open spaces, it helps building a relationship between the factory and the people, improving their work experience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 20.15.49Prada Group’s «green factory». Source:

Astrid Welter stressed that the initiative of ethical responsibility started long before the Fondazione Prada was opened, and insisted on the importance of keeping the balance between the new and the «anachronic», making constant research and preserving heritage.

fondazione-prada-48-Fondazione Prada. Source:

Only in the Q&A session the attention was finally focused on the environmental impact of production. According to Carlo Mazzi, the company takes steps to reduce the amount of waste, as well as to renew and improve the process of its processing.

Good news for those who were not present at the event: as Prada Group wants to communicate its CSR strategy to all the stakeholders and communities, it is available in detail on the official website. The company’s representatives assure, that it will be constantly updated whenever new initiatives take place: seems like we are to keep prepared for the following projects proving Prada’s involvement in social, ethical and environmental concerns.

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