A Vocabulary You Won’t Find In Libraries: Triennale’s New Fashion Exhibition.


If you hear the word “vocabulary” and recollect searching for word spelling and pronunciation, you most probably haven’t yet visited the new exhibition in Triennale di Milano. The vocabulary which this exhibition suggests is much more tempting to open, because it is the one of fashion.

“Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana” (“The new vocabulary of Italian fashion”) suggests you to go on a trip into the world of modern Italian fashion. Over 100 companies participate in the exhibition via providing items they have recently created, including not only pieces of fashion apparel, but also fashion illustrations, magazines and many other including even skateboards by MUSE.


Of course, fashion itself comes first. The exhibition is organized as follows: as you take the suggested route, you go from one room to another, and throughout the whole way the fashion pieces go side by side with fashion media: magazines, photography, illustrations and digital. Using the exposition space in such a way suggests that you don’t perceive the different media means and fashion design itself as differentiated spheres, but actually see how close they are, how they contribute to each other and influence each other. Many thanks to the curators for that!


Each “fashion design” room is dedicated to a theme, one of the basic aspects of fashion, such as “Materials”, “Constructions”, “Details” etc, and presents mannequins wearing the looks from modern designers, as well as shoes, bags and accessories. Those who admire abstract and surreal influence on fashion will be especially delighted: some pieces displayed give evidence that in modern Italian fashion there is place for Schiaparelli’s legacy.


Media sections keep pace with the ones of design. When you enter the exhibition, you dive into the world of fashion press and you are impressed: fashion magazines sometimes are really worthy to accompany fashion, so well they are designed! These are surrounded by examples of modern fashion photography, to fully represent the media world. The most “artsy” section, which follows, is fashion illustrations. Those areas are not a bit less interesting to see, than fashion designs, and they are diverse: among all the photographs, illustrations and media everyone has a chance to find something that suits his taste.


The exhibition couldn’t have avoided the recent trend of digitalization: digital interactive screens lead us to the world of digital fashion and give a chance to see some blogs. The curators’ choice here is not disappointing: I personally chose a couple of websites, which are worth visiting, such as the one on the pic, tasteofrunway.com. It combines cuisine and fashion: runway looks are taken as inspiration for the new recipes, which the blog provides together with stylish, matching and for sure mouth-watering collages. Perfect mix indeed, I would say.


All in all, “Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana” deserves a positive verdict and recommendations to visit. It is eclectic, and the differences in the exhibits’ style and origin are dealt with well, they contribute to tell the real story of modern Italian fashion, which is indeed so diverse, mixed and dynamic.

Check out yourself: Triennale di Milano, viale Alemagna 6; opening hours: 10:30 AM-8:30 PM, Tue-Sun

Photos and text: Ksyusha Task


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