Decoded Fashion.

Schermata 2015-11-27 alle 09.59.09This time last week some of the BS4F members and I were fortunate enough to be invited to attend Decoded Fashion, a two day long conference focusing on digital and technological advances in the fashion world. Although my first time attending the conference myself, it was the conference’s third time in Milan, having also being held in New York, Tokyo and London.

We were welcomed at the beautiful Hotel Magna Pars where we had the chance to network with people ranging from the digital, marketing and fashion fields from brands coming from all over the world. For me, someone coming from the fashion world and having no prior knowledge of digital advances in the field, I thought it was such a eye-opening few days where I really learned just how important it is to understand your clients through data and use new technologies to give your clients and customers an even more enhanced online and in-store experience. Us millennials know that we can’t get away from our Instagram feeds, and that we are ALL about the experience, whether it is a complimentary glass of champagne or access to a free i-store photo booth (to later use the photos for our Instagram feed!).

Schermata 2015-11-27 alle 09.59.45

Here’s what I think we can most look forward to in 2016… Smart Mirrors! These amazing mirrors are already in place in many stores within the USA and have recently been installed at the new OVS store on Buenos Aires here in Milan (if you have not yet checked them out for yourselves you MUST go!) Basically using this mirror in the fitting room in stores you can take 360 degree photos of yourself in the clothes and try it on in different colours. As if that’s not enough you can save everything and always go back to your photos and shop later. I can’t wait until the day we can bring one of these beauties in our homes to have our own personal stylist right in our mirror helping us get ready in the morning.

Schermata 2015-11-27 alle 09.59.28

Of course the conference was filled wit interesting roundtable talks and lectures by people like Angela Missoni (@Missoni), Carlo Capasa (@Ccapasa), Edoardo Caovilla (@Ecaovilla), Claudio Antonioli (@Antonioli_eu) and Xavier Court (@XavierCourt) to name a few- be sure to check out their personal twitter and instagram accounts for even more info! I really appreciated that we heard from not only big brands but new up-and-coming brands as well as new start-ups to see their different points of view. Although I felt overwhelmed at first (and severely under-qualified in the technology and digital department) by the end of the two days I learned to embrace my inner data-lover and cannot wait to use the tips and tricks I learned to enhance my blog. More exciting, however, will be hearing about all these great new innovations coming forward and into our lives as fashionistas in 2016. Grazie mille to Professor Corbellini (@ericacorbellini) who graciously invited us to attend, can’t wait to see what new digital innovations come forward in next year’s conference!

For more information about the conference and the speakers visit:


Amanda Vojvodin   


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