Reinventing Superheroes.

The power of fashion, like the power of the superhero, lies in its ability to transcend the humdrum and commonplace.
Fashion, like the superhero, allows you to dream and escape into the world of unfettered imagination.

Giorgio Armani

Yes, this article I’m dedicating to superheroes.

Kids love superheroes. Kids grow up and still love superheroes. If you think that superheroes are childish, you really underestimate. They are brave and strong but that is not enough. I will not go deep in discussions on identity and patriotism, but rather focus on the aesthetic aspect.

Superheroes are cool. Boys want to be like Batman, girls dream of marrying Tony Stark. Speaking about this, there’s no doubt that our perception is now strongly influenced by Marvel movies: indeed, since Tony Stark for many of us is actually Robert Downey Jr, and Captain America is Chris Evans, heroes have never been that easy to worship. Same can be said about Superman, Spiderman, and many others: as Hollywood capitalizes on the comics’ characters, the latter gain their attractiveness and sexuality. We wait for the movies, we go to the movies, we love superheroes. Superheroes got fashionable.

However, I want to stand by their side and «defend the defenders». I say that even on their own, no strings attached to Hollywood, superheroes are good and can set the trends. To justify this concept, I looked for traces of my wards in outfits produced by different designers in different times, and here they are: where you don’t actually expect them.

If you love superheroes – enjoy. If you don’t – give them a chance!

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.09.38
Superman: Moschino, F/W 2006-2007

Moschino exploits the image of Superman with total respect to the character: the male model’s features resemble classical Clark Kent, the suit & tie relate to the second, journalist, identity of the hero, the sign on the chest is almost left untouched.

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.11.27
Captain America: Jeremy Scott, S/S 2007

Jeremy Scott’s heroine walks on the runway, literally wearing an American flag: 100 out of 100 for patriotism! The hem of the dress is attached to a gun: she’s not an admirer, but a defender. The combination of the print, weapon, and unfaltering gaze defined by makeup is certainly worth comparison with Captain America.

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.13.06
Batman: Thierry Mugler, F/W 2012

The case of 2012 Thierry Mugler can be left with no comments: the dress seems to be all covered by bats, the dark smoky covers the eyes like a black mask, the hairstyle of the model is nothing but that of a real Bat-woman.

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.15.24
Flash: Manish Arora, S/S 2011

Manish Arora seems to have no limits in color amount. This look is made with red, yellow, white and a slight touch of cyan. The colors of the dress would be for sure appreciated by Flash! The yellow decorative parts going from shoulders to elbows resemble bolts of lightning; the final totally-superhero stroke is added by the golden element on the forehead.

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.16.40
Iron Man: Thierry Mugler, F/W 1995

Thierry Mugler’s 90’s looks are totally astonishing. This one from the F/W 1995 collection almost completely embraces the model in metal, at the same time covering usually open parts of the body and unveiling what is traditionally covered. She looks strict, sexy and ready-to-attack. Modern Tony Stark is a lovelace, but he just didn’t see anyone in Mugler.

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 14.17.53
Wonder Woman: Christian Dior Haute Couture, S/S 2001

Contrary to other interpretations, this Dior look did not leave the superheroine untouched: the Wonder Woman by John Galliano looks a bit after-party, shabby and too tired to rescue the world.

P.S. Looks selected for this set are my personal favorites from an imposing variety of alternatives. Superheroes are many, interpretations are many, and we are to be prepared for new ones (can’t wait!)

Graphic and text: Ksyusha Task



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