What Your Shoes Say About You.

So…I have already done a post like this in the past, in which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. I loved reading all the comments and opinions from all you lovely readers, and for the sake of an afternoon laugh – which I think you deserve for your Monday afternoon (as Mondays suck) – here I am writing part two. Well it’s not really part two, it’s really another subject, but hey!



Shoes are a magical thing. I’m not even joking, they are. Ever heard of Cinderella? It’s true, don’t try and argue with it. As I read into my crystal ball – which is really just the internet –  I see that all of you readers are shoes enthusiasts. Well who isn’t really? Who isn’t a shoe enthusiast? If you raised your hand, please stand up and leave the room – or blog or whatever…. My crystal ball also tells me that some of you, just like myself, secretly judge people based on what they put on their feet. But really, who doesn’t? Shoes, just like fashion, say a lot about who we are and what our story is. So, If shoes could talk and describe us, what would they say?

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 16.02.31

Fashionable Sneakers: I follow Victoria’s Secret models on social media. I also like to go running in between my classes or work, and maintain a very sporty and healthy lifestyle. Occasionally, I also skip lunch. Sometimes, I cry over these models’ social media accounts, as I have been starving my self and running for days…and yet… I will still never look like them. NEVER! I hate them!


Sandals in Winter: I am effing freezing out here! But they look oh so pretty with this chunky cardi! I lost sensitivity to my big toe like two hours ago, but my outfit is on fleek so…

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 16.14.00

Expensive Designer Flats: These shoes cost me a fortune! Seriously. They are just as expensive as a pair of stilettos. I bought them either because I have a pretty large heel collection and I opted for a more comfortable option (while still looking classy) or I seriously value flats over heels, which only  means I’m insane!


Floral rain boots: No, I’m sorry, I can’t… These shoes are so ugly! Why would you ever wear them?! Go change! Now!

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 16.20.55

Really Polished and Elegant Mens Shoes: I’m such a gentleman. I’ll open the door and let you pass without checking you out. Oh I’m sorry was that offensive? Forget that, let me rephrase… I’ll take you out to dinner and offer to pay. Yet, if you insist, I’ll let you split the check, as I’m pretty broke from buying these (very expensive) hand made Italian shoes and I don’t want my parents to know that….oops!


And loafers with Denim mean: I’m one of those fortunate human beings that look great in denim without wearing heels. Everybody hates me, yet I don’t really know why. I also like pairing loafers with plain white t-shirts and I still look ready to attend a fashion show. I don’t get why all my classmates and coworkers misunderstand me, I’m so friendly and chic!


Hope you enjoyed this post and laughed a little with me because Mondays shouldn’t be so bad! Leave a comment down below to tell me if you agree or not, and remember to smile and make your week as positive and productive as possible!

Lisa Cantore 


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