Milan Vintage Week: The Perfect Mix Between Past And Future.

From 6th to 8th November, Milan is going to house a lots of events and special appointments entirely dedicated to clothes, accessories, jewels, textiles, objects and furnitures, all rigorously vintage.

Milano Vintage Week - Apr 2014
Milano Vintage Week – April 2014

Milan has been since ever an international town that represents elegance, luxury, fashion and design all over the world through a series of events that take place during the year in which experts are housed in order to share their knowledges and passion about various topics.

Vintage furnitures
Vintage furnitures

The Milan Vintage Week is a very important occasion to deal with the theme of the quality vintage in all its aspects. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with A.N.G.E.L.O. (one of the most famous shop of vintage clothes in the world), people who will decide to partecipate will have the opportunity to buy vintage clothes and accessories and to understand the history of customs and furnitures of the last sixty years.

Milano Vintage Week - Nov 2014
Milano Vintage Week – November 2014

Another great opportunity will be reserved for all participants: they will have the possibility to try personally the experience of a totally retro make-up and hair-style!

Milano Vintage Week - April 2015
Milano Vintage Week – April 2015

The Milan Vintage Week is a moment in which past, present and future meet each other in order to create a series of values without time in which the unicity of this style, the originality of models and the exclusivity of clothes, accessories and furnitures are going to let people remember history in their presence, living in this way unique experiences that, in turn, will go through their future.

clothes milan vintage week

Who’s coming?

Floriana Lucchesi


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