Style Icons: Yelawolf.

Yelawolf (real name: Michael Wayne Atha) is absolutely one of the most followed artists of the moment.



Born in Gadsden – Alabama – in 1979, he’s a real style icon with his tattoos, biker jackets, skinny jeans and leather boots.

He started traveling through the USA at the age of 20, deciding to turn his life into a skateboarder’s one.

Since that was’nt so easy, he tried to step into the music world recording his first album “Fearin’ and Loathin’ a Smalltown, U.S.A.” under the Columbia Records company, but they never published it.

After an appearance in Missy Elliott’s “Road to Stardom” in 2011, Yelawolf was casted by Eminem for the Shady Records where his career officially began thanks to his second album Radioactive, that reached the 27th position in the Billboard 200 and 3 stars by the magazine Rolling Stones.



Yelawolf has been entered into the “Top 11 Freshmen of 2011” by the magazine XXL, and the Complex Magazine quoted Radioactive among the best 25 albums of 2011.

Till It’s Gone, from his latest album Love Story under Interscope Records, is considered one of the most listened and famous songs of the year.


Elisa Grasso


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