Milan Between Food and Fashion.

Milan never ceases to surprise us. This weekend the City of Fashion hosted two amazing captive events linked to the food world: the second edition of “When Food Meets Fashion” and “The International Street Food Parade”.

Schermata 2015-10-25 alle 13.15.37
“When Food Meets Fashion” II edition poster

The first one was set at “La Rinascentefrom 22nd to 25th October and it was extraordinary! Every floor had a food-theme and expert people explained their product among mannequins and coat hangers. Saturday afternoon was lovely! Starting from the second floor, for example, there were the “Via dei Birrai” craft beers where you could taste them and appreciate their particular flavors. On the floor, between Stella McCartney and Missoni corners you could find sweets and biscuits of any kind, and a nice girl who showed how to create a Christmas gingerbread house for kids!

Displays at “When Food Meets Fashion”

Continuing to climb, you arrived at the shoe floor, where there were lots of different types of chocolates and a game consisting in guessing which taste you tried… I won my hazelnut almond pistachio chocolate bar!

Displays at “When Food Meets Fashion”

The children’s floor was decorated with pasta, and there was also a granny who kneaded it live! Last floor, finally, offered the chance of tasting wines from two famous and eco-friendly tuscany wineries. It was really great experience, and also a great pretence for having a look at the news arrivals and doing shopping!

Displays at “When Food Meets Fashion”

The International Street Food Parade, instead, was organized from 23rd to 25th October, a bit far from downtown Milan but in a place easy to reach by subway.

Displays at “When Food Meets Fashion”

It essentially was a mini-Expo dedicated to italian and international street food. There were over 60 food trucks and stands: all Italian regions attended the event, and also 23 foreign States, from USA to Argentina, going through Brazil, Japan and some European countries.
The location was crowded and there were many queues everywhere but fortunately, despite it is already autumn, the weather was nice and great for walking and rediscover the pleasure of standing-food!

“International Street Food Parade” poster

Ludovica Casilli
Ph.: Ksyusha Task 


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