Bloggers and Fame: Disclosing the Secret Recipe.


Fashion blogging is without a doubt the biggest communication trend in the industry in the latest ten years.

A common belief is that the source of the fame of these 100k bloggers is their luck and their previous wealth. But is it really just that? I guess it would be too easy.

Working with influencers, and keeping in touch with them, made me understand probably that the most important ingredient for digital success is limitless determination.

I am talking about that type of determination that would make everyone look stubborn, obstinate, and almost stupid.

Nowadays if Chiara Ferragni posts a pic on Instagram eating an ice cream it gets about 80.000 likes and no one would doubt the importance of her daily updates.

But let’s go back to 2009, she was just a young girl coming from a small town, begging her boyfriend to take pictures of every moment of her super normal life just because she was wearing a branded bag stolen from her mother’s closet. Then she started uploading these pictures day by day… but why?


I guess her huge individualism, made her believe that her preppy college outfit pics (with mostly Zara and H&M pieces and her entry accessories) would have interested someone online and this belief took her to upload incessantly.

But if your closest friend asked to be photographed every day in every occasion from grocery shopping to lecture breaks, wouldn’t you consider her silly, almost annoying and self-obsessed?

Indeed, that was what her classmates thought about Chiara. But she never cared about gossip and she went on and on, making the right strategic choices for her communication plan, selecting the right team.

The result: everyone said at least once that they hate her but no one can stop checking what she is doing all around the world.

This formula can be repeated for every kind of influencer: take for instance Mariano di Vaio. He was egocentric since his high school years, showing his latest hair cut as the coolest in his small town.


In conclusion,
Iblogger life is not for everyone. You must have enough persistence and self confidence to deeply believe in what you are doing, to pretend that a snap with your bestie having a coffee downtown will be surely relevant for your audience – and we’re not only talking friends and family but millions of viewers.


Luciana Tornabene 


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