Laura Biagiotti’s Secret Garden

Laura Biagiotti opens the doors of her garden and vestals with Renaissance’s nymphs ready to create love potions model on the catwalk. The extreme lightness of most of the dresses and the evident transparencies are striking, but never excessive. It is a garden dominated by white, delicate as a lisianthus, antique pink and patterns remember orchids’ veins.

Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_012_dmsv5 Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_035_dmsv5 Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_024_dmsv5

Striking are the skirts with inlaid plots, ribbons with 70’s allure, already proposed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, and the glittering details and diamonds which reflect the light like dewdrops at the down of a new era where the reinterpretation of the iconic doll’s dress launched in the 70s is the protagonist.

Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_007_dmsv5 Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_015_dmsv5Laura-Biagiotti_ful_W_S16_MI_057_dmsv5

Miss Biagiotti strikes again in the end: full access to her Herbolariun with five dresses that share a pattern created in 1979. Five dresses, five erbs, five love potions.

by Davide Landolfi


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