Secret Garden IV- Rihanna x Dior

Two days ago Rihanna’s long-awaited Dior campaign video was released.

I knew it would have been huge, first of all because it is the first Riri’s high fashion campaign, and second because she is the Dior’s first ever African American spokesperson.

Riri is following the footsteps of icons such as Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman but the singer injects the French maison with a dose of her signature badassery showing off proudly her amazing tattoos.

She filmed the fourth chapter of the Secret Garden saga, Steven Klein is the register and the location is the majestic gardens of Versailles. The coolest thing is the soundtrack, which is a song written by Rihanna herself: Only If for A Night.



Shimmering lights.

She runs through the halls of Versailles Palace wearing an ethereal silver dress and carrying a Diorama bag, beautiful as always.

Dior called Riri a “modern muse” and for sure it’s a strong symbol that Rihanna, is in such a historical location.

She is the new Queen of Versailles.

Check out some stills from the video bellow: 




by Ilaria Corbari


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