EXPO, food and fashion: bread bags

Everything is ready.

All the pavilions are set to open.

Milan is ready for Expo 2015.

Celebrations will begin this afternoon when Giorgio Armani (who has been named the special Expo ambassador) will present the biggest catwalk of his entire career and then the extraordinary singer Andrea Bocelli will delight his audience with a concert.

Even if Milan is already an important city-hub in Europe, Expo is a great opportunity for innovation and improvement of its citizens’ quality of life.

Food is certainly the main theme of the exposition and I personally love that everybody is now trying to find connections between food and other subjects which can seen through fashion design or even art.

One amazing example is this growing trend eclectic Canadian (New York based) artist

Chloè Wise.

She reinterprets iconic bags by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Prada using toast, bagels, challah, and croissants made from oil paint and urethane.

Check out her collection!

Coach bagel and locks

Prada hardware, 2014
American classic, 2015
Belgian Moschino Waffles
Pancakes n. 5
Earl of sandwich

Her collection is currently on display at Montreal’s Division Gallery.

by Ilaria Corbari


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