Luca Pagni: the unusual style

The human face is naturally asymmetric.

Its uniqueness and charme arise from this feature.

Luca Pagni

Asymmetry and innovation, these are the two key words that define the eyewear collection made by Luca Pagni.

A special collection with its peculiarities finds a way to be worn by different people with very different profiles. Indeed, asymmetries Pagni speaks about recalling irregularities we find in nature, where nothing is perfect and caos and imperfection give life and shape to inimitable creatures. Each profile is unique in its asymmetries and, for this reason, the young designer’s eyewear collection is perfect for everyone.

Otto e mezzo
Design: Otto e mezzo
La Dolce Vita
Design: La Dolce Vita
Design: Amarcord
Profumo di donna
Design: Profumo di donna

Luca Pagni began his career when he was only 20 and immediately managed to find his own clientele. Today, he tells us his own experience, the history of a boy who one day decided to make his dreams come true and we can say he has done it perfectly.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in creating your eyewear collections?

From nature because the asymmetry is what identifies every human being.

Which kind of educational path did you follow to start this kind of career?

In 1992, I obtained the certificate of optician optometrist and contact lenses specialist after 5 years of studies and then I tried to apply all my theoretical skills to make a product in which the design and quality are two excellent ingredients.

What do you think is the key of success of your creations? What differentiates your eyewear models from those already accomplished on the market?

I think originality is what makes my collections a successful product. An unusual design and construction of models never proposed earlier is the strong point of my collection.

Why have you chosen asymmetries as the common element of your models?

I have chosen it in order to propose to the final clientele a unique product that isn’t in competition with others.

What are the main differences between the male and female collections? And what are the common elements?

Female models are particularly suitable to create a minimalist movement on faces, while the male ones characterize a lot the appearance of men who wear them. The collection as a whole is dedicated to the final consumer who desires to distinguish himself/herself from others and to make other people speak about him/her.

Is your marketplace mainly Italian or do you already have a foreign clientele?

The peculiarity of the product has immediately obtained positive feedbacks on the foreign market, where the main consent is given from the design. The research, the craftsmanship and the Made in Italy certification are the key of success on foreign marketplaces. In our country,  eyewear collections are seen in another way because here people have less courage to be daring.

Where is it possible to buy your collections?

You can buy it from sellers who will be soon visible on the website.

What are your future projects and expectations?

My project is to create a style, I’m continuously on the lookout for materials and finishings that can make my product elegant and unique. I’m also considering the hypothesis to use stones for my creations. I would like to have a real acceptance on the Italian market and I have no intention to stop my job on eyewear collections.

Thank you for telling us your special adventure.

Floriana Lucchesi


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