Milan – Top 5 Shopping Spots

As you already know Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, a temple of high fashion which means there is something you absolutely must do while visiting : shopping.

Here are some tips not to miss the best shops in town!

1- Annex by La Rinascente

This is the pret-a-porter section of La Rinascente which has just opened a few months ago.

Three stylish floors with hundreds of International brands: fashion, accessories and footwear.

This is the only Italian store where you can find Urban Outfitters.


2-& other stories

This is the higher market brand from H&M specializing in women’s fashion accessories and make-up.

It’s probably has everything a busy urban woman needs: clean, colorful and a flattering design.

Their line of make-up and creams are excellent.


3- Stiù

I love this shop, it’s  one of my favorite spots in Milan.

Very comfortable yet stylish shoes, modern design and unique materials;

even if the shop is very small it features a wide range of platforms, heels and sandals to please any taste.



From Paris with Love: it’s a french boutique now open in the heart of the Brera district.

You will have an incredible experience immersed in the scent of candles and fragrances.

It’s the perfect place to get some unique gifts .


5- Excelsior

I’d define this as a concept store, it’s definetly a museum of fashion.

It’s a seven floor mall hidden behind Duomo which boasts a flashy façade and a luxury selection of fashion and design, a Laduree’s and a Tiffany store.

Absolutely worth a visit.


Ilaria Corbari


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